The Arab World’s Demographic Dilemma

The Arab World’s Demographic Dilemma

The Arab World's Demographic Dilemma: Young, Unemployed, and Searching for a Voice

Arab youth confront daunting challenges, including a lack of economic opportunities, constraints on their freedom of expression, and the complex and shifting nature of their own Arab identity. How the Arab world meets these challenges will have significant ramifications both in the Middle East, and throughout the globe.

The Arab World’s Demographic Dilemma is a special three-part America Abroad public radio series that explores the challenges facing Arab youth today, including identity, freedom of expression, and economic obstacles. Currently broadcasting on public radio stations nationwide, the series includes:

The Arab World’s Demographic Dilemma is produced with generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. America Abroad is distributed by Public Radio International on more than 240 stations nationwide, and in 140 countries through NPR Worldwide.

Young and Restless: Youth Identity in the Arab World examines the competing and comingling influences of Islam and globalization on the identity formation of Arab youth. Listen to this program »

Overlooked and Underpaid: Arab Youth in Today’s Economy looks at the causes of economic malaise among Arab youth, and focuses on the consequences associated with economic difficulties, including the “waithood” period, the impact on marriage and family structure, and migration of Arab youth in search of opportunities elsewhere. Listen to this program »

Words and Deeds: Freedom of Expression and Arab Youth explores the channels for youth self-expression and participation in the political, civic, social, and cultural spheres. Listen to this program »

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