International Town Hall: Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy
America Abroad explores what lies ahead for Egypt's fragile democracy in this international town hall discussion connecting audiences and a panel of experts in Los Angeles and Cairo.

America Abroad partnered with public radio station KCRW and Egyptian channel ONTV to host a groundbreaking international town hall connecting audiences and a panel of experts in LA and Cairo.

The conversation explored the Muslim Brotherhood's future in Egyptian politics; the role of Islam in politics and public life; what the military's recent government takeover means for Egypt's fragile democracy; and how Americans perceive recent developments in Egypt.

The town hall was co-hosted by America Abroad's Madeleine Brand and ONTV host Ramy Radwan. Radwan is the co-presenter of Sabah ON, ONTV's live morning show, covering news and public affairs in Egypt.

Los Angeles panelists:

  • Sarah Eltantawi - Post-Doctoral Fellow in Arab Studies at the University of California Berkeley, specializing in political Islam in the contemporary Muslim world; and
  • Maha Awadi - an Egyptian-American host, producer and media consultant who lived and worked in Egypt for 14 years.

Cairo panelist:

  • Ambassador Raouf Saad - Former Assistant Foreign Minister of Egypt.

The town hall is airing as the October, 2013 episode of America Abroad and on ONTV in Egypt.

Listen using the player above or click here to download the transcript.

Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy / Produced by Samantha Fields, Christian Bordal and Haitham Sawy / Edited by Martha Little with additional production help from Flawn Williams / Special thanks to Tina Morris, Jeff Gartenbaum, Mark Boalt and Boalt Media Group, Taryn Olsen, Megan Gersch, Nan Lieberman, Rasha Elshamy, John Youhanna, Osama Shaaban, Hafez Kayali, Bahaa El-Taweal and Joey Kahn / Web Editor: Philippa Levenberg / Photo credit: AP Photo/Khalil Hamra

Hosts: Madeleine Brand and Ramy Radwan / Length: 51 minutes / Airdate: October 2013

This show was made possible through the generous support of The Henry Luce Foundation.

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