About Us

About Us

America Abroad is an award-winning documentary radio program distributed by Public Radio International (PRI) and broadcast on public radio stations nationwide. Each month, we take an in-depth look at one critical issue in international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.


America Abroad Documentaries
The only hour-long international affairs documentary on public radio today. Anchored by public radio host Madeleine Brand, this monthly program covers global issues ranging from the challenges in Iran and North Korea, to the European debt crisis and the roots of the Arab Spring. Learn more »

America Abroad Beyond the Broadcast
Beyond the Broadcast (BTB) is a roundtable discussion series designed to engage policymakers, academics, journalists and experts in thoughtful discussion of critical international issues. Learn more »

America Abroad Town Halls
These international town-hall-style meetings connect American and foreign audiences for discussions about critical international issues of mutual interest. Hosted by Kojo Nnamdi, these programs are produced in partnership with WAMU 88.5FM in Washington and radio partners overseas. Learn more »


Madeleine Brand also anchors America Abroad. She has had a long career in public media. Most recently, she was special correspondent for KCET's award-winning nightly news show SoCal Connected. Prior to that, she created and hosted her own daily public radio news show.


Jeffrey Dvorkin is the ombudsman for America Abroad, serving as the public's representative to America Abroad Media and as an independent source regarding all of AAM's programming. For more information about the ombudsman, click here »


Celebrated as a driver of innovation in public media, PRI was founded to diversify and expand the content available on public platforms, enabling U.S. listeners to "hear a different voice™" and to connect with one another and the larger world. Learn more about PRI »


  • America Abroad alone is responsible for setting the editorial agenda of its programs
  • America Abroad will produce the most reliable and contextual information possible. We are open to all good ideas from as wide a variety of sources as possible. It is America Abroad's responsibility to make all final decisions on editorial content and direction
  • Funding decisions must be supportive of, but independent of editorial decisions
  • America Abroad decides whether to accept financial support solely on the interests of the listeners and viewers who will be informed of all funding sources.
  • America Abroad is committed to the independent nature of its content to sustain its reputation of editorial independence and credibility
  • While no journalism can ever be expected to operate free of all influence, sources and funders should be aware of these principles in order to respect America Abroad editorial independence and integrity. The informational needs of the audiences and the reputation of America Abroad should prevail at all times

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America Abroad wants to hear from you! Please send your comments and ideas for future programs to Philippa Levenberg at plevenberg@americaabroadmedia.org.

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