Afghan Media Productions

Afghan Media Productions

Breadwinners host Marzia Ahmadzai (left) interviews Malali Jawad, owner of the Hilala Silk Production Company.

Afghan Media Productions (AMP), is an independent production house, where an all-Afghan team of journalists produces a range of programming for broadcast on leading television and radio outlets across the country. Led by director Fareedoone Aryan, with production support from Abdul Karim Tahsin and Faiz Mohammad, AMP represents a unique opportunity to build independent media capacity in Afghanistan while exposing Afghan audiences to high quality, locally produced content, including:

Radio dramas: AMP recently launched a new weekly radio drama Baa Hum (Together) in partnership with Radio Khurshid, featuring fictional characters - including Afghan women and men from rural villages - who discuss their experiences in Afghanistan over the last decade and the impact of the 2014 elections on their future. The series will include 26 episodes and broadcasts on Tuesdays at 5pm local time in Dari and Pashto, reaching a broad audience throughout Afghanistan, particularly in its rural areas where voter turnout is low.

The first episode of Baa Hum explored the value of women's political participation. Click here to read the transcript in English.

Click here to browse photos taken during the production of the Baa Hum series.

Watch a video from the recording of one of the Baa Hum episodes below.

Talk show programs: AMP is producing four talk show programs on Afghanistan's upcoming elections as part of the Baa Hum (Together) series that will broadcast on Radio Khurshid.

The first episode featured a panel of election officials who respond to questions from Afghan audiences about voting and the electoral process. The AMP team gathered "man on the street" questions from people throughout Kabul, who voiced concerns about transparency and inclusiveness in the 2014 elections. Program topics included access to the polls for women in rural areas; female provincial council candidates; voter intimidation; security preparations at polling stations; and youth political participation.

Watch a highlight video from the recording of the discussion program.

Educational documentaries: AMP recently completed Breadwinners, a weekly radio documentary series profiling female entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and their contributions to the country’s economy. The program broadcast nationwide every Saturday in Dari and Pashto on Killid Radio in Afghanistan. 

Episodes have featured a diverse range of female entrepreneurs, such as: 

  • Shekiba Qayumi, founder of the Women's Vocational Association in Kabul, where women are taught traditional trades such as tailoring and jewelry making.
  • Aziza Mohamed, owner of Muska Ball and Leather Products and a pioneer of soccer ball production in Afghanistan.
  • Gulsoom Satrzai, CEO of Afghan Women's Services and Education Institute, which trains women for careers in textiles, handicrafts, and other industries.

Watch video of past Breadwinners below, and view pictures from the series here.

Past documentary series include Bonds of Humanity, a television and radio documentary series highlighting the diverse traditions, history, and culture of Muslim communities in Afghanistan and around the world. View episodes here.

Afghanistan-Pakistan Town Halls: In collaboration with AAM’s Pakistan Information Network (PIN), AMP is producing a groundbreaking series of international town halls connecting audiences, experts and government officials in Afghanistan and Pakistan for in-depth discussion about the way forward for the two nations as the U.S. prepares to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in 2014, as well as the role Pakistan should play in the reconciliation process. 

Check out the video below and learn more here. 

Online Video Interview Series: Online video interviews with leading policymakers, academics, journalists, and experts that examine key challenges facing Afghanistan, including sustainable economic development, women’s participation in government, security concerns, and the reconciliation process.

Partnerships: AMP maintains strong partnerships with leading television and radio outlets across Afghanistan, including Radio Khilid, Saba TV, Voice of Afghan Women Radio (VAWR), Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA), and Tolo TV.



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